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Re: Putting the Shatner "ego issue" from TOS to rest

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People connect with who they connect with. And sure, you're entitled to say what you feel about them, but after all this time, it's tiresome.
Even in the 80s, there was a performance quality to showing up at a convention. You have a standard anecdotes to spool off and after a while, if the Shatner soap-opera is what gets a rise out of your audience, you keep playing to that again and again. Tales of a happy set can get boring. Conflict is the essence of drama, so it has to get amped up. It becomes the reason to see them, to hear the gossip. And you do that long enough it has a way of perpetuating a feud that may not have been that bad to begin with, and maybe they started to really buy into it.

I remember going to a convention in the 80s where Takei had to answer a question about Shatner's wig. He said "only his hairdresser knows for sure". Then he went on to tell the story about how "lush" Shatner's hair looked in Trek IV and how it got tested by him diving into the water. People ate that up. So you can't bash these actors for dishing the dirt when it's what we, as fans, have been asking from them all these years.

At this point, it's just faded off into performance-art. I seriously doubt there is any remaining bad-blood between the actors.
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