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Re: The Caregivers' Thread

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I wake up everyday at 4:30 to go to work
Do you also wake up at...5:31 PM?
That should have been 4:30 AM - I'm at my desk by 5:45 AM sucking down major cups of coffee!

By 5:31 PM I'm pretty much brain dead and on auto pilot - not a pretty sight mind ya. Course that's also the time the little rugrats will go in for the kill when you're not at your sharpest!

And yes People, it's nice to offer and have good intentions but follow through, don't tease the help then show up late. Don't offer unless you truly think about it cause it's harder than it looks. I won't fault you for not wanting to sit with the charge, I'd understand. Better to not offer than to show up late or makes us feel worse by saying how hard it was.

Hell we know it's hard that's why we need the recharge.
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