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Re: Was Chakotay a stereotype?

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I am however immensely thankful they didnít go too much Hollywood and stick a full feathered headdress on him and have him do a lot of stoic ďUgg, shields at 30%, Captain Kemosabee...Ē I swear to CHRIST there couldnít have been that many damn feathers in the whole US for the amount of headdresses in the movies.
A headdress is not simply a construction of Hollywood.

Here's Sen. Ben Nighthorse Campbell (who is also a Cheyenne chief) introducing a bill on the floor of the Senate on the day the American Indian Museum was opened.

Last thing I need round these parts is yet another European patiently explaining my culture to me.

My nation also uses full headdresses as ceremonial wear.
I had the pleasure of hearing Sen. Campbellís speech on the Mall at the opening of the NMAI also the honor of touring the NMAI prior to it's opening, course it was the wee hours of the morning but it was something I'll never forget. I spent a week in awe of the history, the entertainment and the different people willing to share their oral history. It was a honor to be there not only as someone with Indian ancestry but as a American citizen.

And while Iím certain some ancestors did indeed arrive on these shores by way of Erin/England, a good portion were already here and had been for centuries therefore my family hasn't been European for quite some time.

My granddaughters are registered members of the Lumbee tribe, their fatherís doing not mine. I do not feel the need to prove their Cherokee and Pamunkey blood. I do not know my blood quantum and even if I did it would mean squat to me, I will go by family history, mostly oral as it wasnít really popular at the time to claim Indian blood. We are what we are, the sum of all that came before and Iím good with that.

In reference to the headdress, when it is overused in the media it takes away from the honor and history that should be the right of those who had the right to wear one. Not because some photographer thought it look good in the shot and would sell more newspapers or the cartoons artist thought it was funny or it looked good on film with it blowing in the wind. it wasn't factual nor is it cool for comic relief.

Back to topic at hand...

Personally I think Chuckles was more of a wind instrument kinda guy but given that he had to deal with Janeway, in his case I would have also been looking for something to bang and not in a good way. Bring on the drum therapy.
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