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Not really. Just look at a snapshot of your bog standard mega-corp brewery and say to yourself, "avoid this."


Not that simple. That would just leave me making up an engine room from scratch, and my idea of an engine room in Trek is "Matt Jefferies didn't think one was necessary, and I always ask 'What Would Matt Jefferies Do?'"

In order to tie it to the design in the movie I have to see things like the design of the bridge, and if I want to put people in the image I need to see the design of the uniforms.
Although it should seem to fit into the current JJprise, I strongly encourage you and others just to put your own spin on it. Personally, I'm interested in seeing the various artists' takes on a design. My submission (and others I've seen so far) try to encapsulate various components and styles from TOS to the *cough* alternate timeline. :-)
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