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Re: Putting the Shatner "ego issue" from TOS to rest

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There's not a single All in the Family spinoff held in the same high regard (and Good Times
There's not a single Star Trek spinoff held in the same high regard as TOS. Does that mean none of those spinoffs should have been produced?

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There's more than enough failed or disregarded series over the decades--certainly enough to get that "Captain Sulu" nonsense out of Takei's mind....but when one was as delusioal as he was--thinking his character needs to be elevated to Kirk-like levels--history soared right over his head.
He only came up with that idea at the very tail end of the TNG-era shows, when it seemed like any and all Trek concepts would get the green-light as a spinoff.

Also remember that they tried to get TOS back on the small screen twice and failed right? So a lot of people still wanted to see weekly stories with the classic actors in the classic time-period, and Sulu by that point was the last actor still in good enough physical shape to pull off an action show, who had been given his own ship in Trek VI.

There was nothing at all delusional about it.

Some people in this thread just want to take sides on this in order to be bullies, IMHO. It's not really that controversial, folks. Shatner was an ass and should have treated his coworkers better, and the other actors had a right to self-promote. Actors are at the mercy of the few opportunities they get, and typecast actors should at least feel justified in plugging their own spinoffs, since they don't get a chance to do much else.
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