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Re: Did The Prophets Know About Sisko Before Emissary?

Given Braxton was clearly insane when he said that little line, I don't give it much credit, anyways.. This has nothing to do with effect preceding cause or some vague reference be being "forth dimensional."

Sisko never would have existed without the Prophets. No chance at all Sarah would've hooked up with his dad on her own violation. So if the Prophets are all non-linear and even if they created Sisko in another "time" why didn't they know about it as they did it? No way they could have met him before they created him. You can't just throw out some cliche and say it makes sense because it's beyond our comprehension.

Your example about Akorem just demonstrates the fact that they DID know about Sisko all along. They didn't meet him and realize he was "the one" he was engineered as a tool, and Akorem was used to sharpen that tool.
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