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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

The more I look at this, the more I wonder what's going on with the engine pylons. Now, I suppose a reinforced hull ring structure (as per the FJ Booklet of General Plans) could structurally support them, but what goes through them? I always figured that various piping and conduits and assorted connections ran through the pylons connecting the engine nacelles to the engineering spaces below. Is there still room for such things with the hangar deck in the way like this? Before this cross section view, I thought maybe the lower ceiling of the ribbed area might allow for that, but now it seems as though only about a quarter of the pylon's fore-aft length would be over the lower-ceiling area and the rest over the high curved ceiling of the original miniature set. What kind of connections are you thinking of run through the pylons? Could we see a orthographic cross section through the pylons looking aft?

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