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Re: Did The Prophets Know About Sisko Before Emissary?

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The argument is that the Prophets knew they had to create Sisko when they met him. I've already pointed out how Sisko couldn't have met them without creating him. Now it's obvious Sisko really only time traveled a couple times and it wasn't in Emissary.
Yes he could. Marty, you're not thinking fourth dimensionally! As Captain Braxton said; "A leads to B, leads to C, leads to A."

Effect precedes cause. From Accession;
AKOREM: Tell him that I fulfilled the ancient Prophecies. That I was the first to find the Celestial temple. I was the first to meet with you. He came to you centuries later.
BASHIR: First. Later.
KIRA: They have no meaning to us.


ODO: They are linear.
KIRA: It limits them.
PORTA: They do not understand.
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