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Ugh, there are too many people out there like the people who tossed the kitty from that car. A friend of mine is a guest family/host (what's the term used in english for that, someone who takes in lost, hurt, stray cats and kittens and nurses them back to health, raises them till they're ready for adoption??) for a local foundation, she gets cats like this in a lot. Though I must say, a kitten like this, it's lucky it ended up at your place, because it would have been very hard to get someone to adopt it (he/she). However, kitty diapers and such only go so far, I hope this kitty isn't bothered by them and by having no control over its pooping behaviour (since cats are generally such clean animals). If it's a happy kitty, it's fantastic, but if life sucks for this kitty because of that, well..
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