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Re: Did The Prophets Know About Sisko Before Emissary?

The argument is that the Prophets knew they had to create Sisko when they met him. I've already pointed out how Sisko couldn't have met them without creating him. Now it's obvious Sisko really only time traveled a couple times and it wasn't in Emissary.

As for the Prophets. All the evidence is they behave VERY linear outside of the wormhole. The pagh-wraiths whined a few times about how long they've been exiled after all. Sisko's visions certainly came at appropriate times and not just randomly over the course of his life. To say nothing of giving Prophecies to the Bajorians that tend to come true.

So the non-linear existence thing seems to be a trait of the wormhole. Sisko didn't time travel to go into the wormhole and even if he did, the Prophets had to have known about him BEFORE they met him. They created him. They experience all time after all, right?

So the time travel argument seems to hold no dice here.
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