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Reposting this from the TIL thread:
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TIL... I'm a softie for animals (well, knew that already), and there are some truly despicable people out there.

Two months ago, we had two cats and a dog. As of today, it's *four* cats and a dog, and I have a cat allergy! Okay, there's a threshold before it really starts affecting me, so hopefully we haven't hit it. Anyway, we had already adopted cat #3 a couple of months ago (wife went to grocery store, came home with cat and no groceries). But this morning on the way home from church, I spotted a very small kitten in the median of a major divided highway. I turned around and we picked it up, and it was obvious that someone had ditched that kitten there, likely from a moving vehicle! It's left hind quarters was skinned up badly, torn down to muscle, and its tail is probably broken since it just drags behind limp. We took it home and cleaned it up, and it took the poor thing a long time to stop shivering. It was likely stuck there for a couple of days after someone dumped it, judging from how hungry it was and how much the injury had healed. Don't know if it's a male or female yet since we don't want to hurt its rear any more, but I'll be taking it to the vet in the morning to get it fixed up. Yes, this is probably way too many cats for our house, but there is no way we're giving it up.

I'm glad I never saw whoever did this, because I'd likely toss *them* from a moving vehicle! After, of course, my wife got her chance to practice some of her martial arts training!
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Well, the cat is going to have surgery to amputate the tail tomorrow. If that were the only issue, I'd be very happy, because she is a very sweet little kitten. Unfortunately, the injury also paralyzed her anal sphincter, which means she cannot control when she poops. It is possible that she will recover functionality in a few months, but there's also the much greater chance that this is permanent. It's going to be difficult, but we're probably her only hope now, since I doubt a shelter would take her, and I don't want anyone putting her down.

So, anyone know where I can get some kitty diapers?
When explaining all of this and the cat's eventual fate if we didn't take it in to my 12 year old, who seems to have a problem with empathy (probably due to his Asperger's), he said rather emphatically "We HAVE to keep her!"

So, I've been pretty much emotionally drained the last couple of days. I really hope I have the strength to keep up with the care of this kitten, since it's going to be very messy and smelly for the foreseeable future. Not that I'd consider any other possibilities, mind you.

Oh, and we've named her Banshee!
Good for you. I'd like to thank you for doing this. I wish more people would.
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