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Re: Castle Season 5 (including Spoilers)

I didn't care for this one. Too much focus on contrived relationship angst to the detriment of the mystery. This is the sort of writing that makes so many romantic shows go downhill once the unresolved sexual tension turns into an active romance -- the writers just have to contrive all sorts of crises and turmoil in the relationship to keep generating conflict, and it gets too melodramatic.

And even the parts that weren't about Castle & Beckett weren't very funny. The whole art-smashing sequence between the divorcees was broad to the point of camp. And I have to wonder about Beckett just standing there and doing nothing. I mean, if the property had been divided between them already, then the ex-wife no longer had any ownership rights to the property she destroyed. I looked up New York State laws, and given that the cumulative value of the destroyed property was surely well over $1500, that would make both ex-spouses guilty of criminal mischief in the second degree, which is a Class D felony and carries a penalty of up to seven years in prison. I know Beckett's a homicide cop, but she's not supposed to just stand there and watch while someone commits a string of felonies right in front of her.
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