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Re: Early Federation 2161+

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Second post here and I'm fascinated With the early federation from its birth in 2161. Obviously there's not much we know about the times between the end of Enterprise and the start of The Original Series in terms of on screen stuff.

One thing I have always found enjoyment in trek is the uniforms and often wondered that as a fresh new start in 2161 did the federation design a new uniform different from the ones we saw in 'These are the voyages' and what do you think they would have looked like. Did they get rid of the crest on the arms straight away too and opted for the delta like logo on the chest (different for different ships) or did they carry on with the crest for a while?

I'm not well versed in trek novels or anything just what I have watched on screen. Has there ever been mention or a description of what the uniforms looked like between 2161-2233 (since after trek 09 we see the Kelvin uniforms)

Also something else about the early federation too is starfleet and it's ships. Would of the federation just have used its current earth ships and built a whole set of new ones from scratch? Or would part of the deal that came with the signing the federation is that each member at the beginning contributes a part of its fleet to federation and starfleets command so it can guard it's new borders right away until it builds it's new 'official' federation starfleet vessels? I hope that question makes sense haha.
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