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Re: Season THREE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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If sales figures for Enterprise get close enough to the TNG season set figures, you can bet your bottom dollar that CBS-D will work on restoring DS9 and Voyager for Blu-Ray.

I have yet to see my TNG seasons 1 and 2 blus, as I haven't attained my HDTV and Blu-Ray system, but I am absolutely buying into these sets.

The stills and side-by-sides, plus the details of the staggering work that is going into the project, have my jaw permanently dragging on the floor.

The fact that this is happening at all is a miracle, and if they get to DS9 and Voyager, it'll be glorious.
I doubt Enterprise will get even near the sales that TNG is getting.

But maybe it won't matter, since releasing Enterprise on Blu-Ray is as simple as just copying their masters to Blu-Ray format.

TNG has been a lot of painstaking work, but so far it's been worth it for what we're getting.

I personally wanted more, but happy to get what we have.
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