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Re: TMP on Blu-Ray

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I am so relieved we got the original cut of The Motion Picture on Blu-Ray instead of the Director Edition abomination that came out a decade ago.
I absolutely agree.

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The original cinema release from 1979 is the definitive cut of TMP
I like the SLV better. I'd love to have it in widescreen and HD.

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The best thing that could happen for any future TMP release would be to go back to original camera negative and rebuild the movie from there using the exact same system CBS digital are using on TNG right now.
I wouldn't even accept this recompositing of the fx shots. It doesn't feel right in TNG and I don't think that TMP really needs something like that, the fx should all be available on film and therefore be ready for HD.

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OH and please Paramount, when you re-re-re release TMP on bluray please please don't scrub the grain off. DNR SUCKS.
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