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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

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Thanks for the graphic 947' vs. 1,084' cutaway comparison, but I'm a little confused. If memory serves one of the 947' disadvantages would have been the inevitability of a diagonal circular shuttle lift. However, in both cutaways the shuttle lift seems to be at the same location?
I don't know about the inevitability of a diagonal lift as it depends on where the elevator is on the flight deck. In my 947' version, the flight deck is long and the elevator is far enough forward to remain vertical. The 1,084' version the flight deck is shorter, but the elevator is still vertical due to it's position.

The 947' flight and hangar deck parameters were:
1. screenshot of G7 flight deck
2. width of TCOTK observation room (not accounting for expanding width towards camera)
3. minimum height of hangar ceiling opening (white rectangular area) from JTB and TIS
4. visible hangar wall surfaces from JTB and TIS
5. the width of the pocket bays on the flight deck
6. the clamshell door location

For the 1,084' version, #2 no longer applied as the room could no longer fit between the flight deck wall and outer hull in the visible screenshot areas from the G7 flight deck.

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And a general question: I assume these two overhead thingies near the clamshell doors to be tractor beams that eventually place the shuttle onto/into the rails.
Could be. Or they are coverings for phaser gun machinery that is sticking down into the flight deck space.

My thinking was that rails were some kind of linear tractor beam system where it could grab a shuttle or small craft once it got close enough over it and either slow it down as it entered or accelerated out as it left (ala TMP tram station).

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But there is another prominent thingy in the center of the ceiling further to the bow. Does this one correspond to / allign with the red crystal thingy on the exterior hull? (which apparently was intended to be yet another pilot version running light - i.e. one light with one adjacent circular window in front and behind)?
That I don't know. I haven't matched up all the exterior parts yet.
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