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Re: My first voyage with Voyager


If you liked Gilmore Girls, it's more Gilmore Girls but with different girls who are not Gilmors, and also Girls who were Gilmore girls.

30 something vegas show girl marries her polite and sweet stalker at the end of a very bad day. He takes her home to meet mother who he lives with, the stalker (Cameron from Ferris Beullers day off/Captain Harriman of the Uss Enterprise NCC 1701 B.) then promptly dies in a absurd traffic accident at the climax of the pilot and then the showgirl has to live in her dead husbands house and help her new mother in law teach in the ballet Studio that was built out back of the main house.

Bunheads. How the ballet girls wear their hair. In buns.

Some tiny teen drama.

Some 30 something drunk nonesensicalness with the show girl.

And the mother-in-law is played by kelly Bishop who was the Grandmother on Gilmor Girls and is just fantastic dealing with the crazy daughter-in-law who is devastating her life mayhenlistically.

Such fun.

If you hated Gilmore Girls, don't bother.

If you've never seen Gilmore Girls, I'll post you a slap snail mail.
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