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Ok I should not have said we, it is of course my opinion

I had the theatrical cut on VHS and thats the version I grew up with, I did not like the changes made on the DE particularly the added sound effects and the removal of the computer voice & old alert klaxon.

Some of the new CGI was an 'improvement' I admit. The new shots I like most are the new Vulcan shots (which fit more into the Trek universe and Vulcan as we know it) and the shots of the Enterprise in the Vejur 'Brain Complex' which where much better than the original poor matte paintings of the Enterprise.

I have not seen the extended version and I don't know how to see it or where to find it.

I was just stating that I personally preferred to see the theatrical cut of TMP because I felt the DE was inferior. The definitive version of TMP is the cut shown in cinemas... if Paramount did release only the DE in HD then it would be Lucas-esque and a mistake because then we only have the VHS of TMP to see the original version !
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