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Re: Worst lines of dialogue in the entire series?

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When Spock mentions "hot pursuit" in regards to chasing the Gorn in Arena. Cracks me up everytime!
"Hot pursuit" (at least in the 21st century) is a legal term to indicate a status in which some police actions may be lawful that wouldn't be otherwise, such as pursuit outside an officer's jurisdiction. So it's logical that Spock would want to document that status in the Captain's Log.

These lines come to my mind at the moment:

"Deflectors, full intensiTY!" (just the intonation)

"Antibodies.... An-tee-bah-deez!"

"Kill, kill, kill you all.... Die, die, die, everybody dah-hah-hie..."

"A storehouse for our muscular friends."

"I should have never reconnected his mouth."

And just about any of Spock's lines in "That Which Survives." Struck entirely the wrong tone.
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