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Re: List of essential episodes.

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You should add Maquis episodes from TNG/DS9/VOY as well. Together they form a great arc of stories.
For the Maquis I'd just stick with DS9 and TNG episodes. VOY terribly mishandled them. Even though half of the VOY crew were Maquis, their introduction and most of their development happened on the other shows. Just my two cents.
That is so not true,in the first 3 seasons of Voyager there were so many amazing Maquis episodes. and no not half of Voyagers crew was made of Maquis,Voyagers crew was of 150 approx and the caretakers wave killed some of them,they were replaced with Maquis and the crew compliment was still referenced as 150 later in the series so the Maquis are most likely about 30 people max not half the crew. there was never a lack of crew in caretaker after the Incident,and you could actually count the Maquis.
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