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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

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"Thermians, have ONLY the aired material to draw from, while Brandon also has the books The Making of Galaxy Quest and the Galaxy Quest NESA Protector Technical Manual and other items of backstage research to draw from to help fill in the gaps."
Wonderful, of course he must have such books "in-universe" but I hadn't thought that far.

@ blssdwlf

Thanks for the graphic 947' vs. 1,084' cutaway comparison, but I'm a little confused. If memory serves one of the 947' disadvantages would have been the inevitability of a diagonal circular shuttle lift. However, in both cutaways the shuttle lift seems to be at the same location?

And a general question: I assume these two overhead thingies near the clamshell doors to be tractor beams that eventually place the shuttle onto/into the rails.

But there is another prominent thingy in the center of the ceiling further to the bow. Does this one correspond to / allign with the red crystal thingy on the exterior hull? (which apparently was intended to be yet another pilot version running light - i.e. one light with one adjacent circular window in front and behind)?

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