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Re: Neelix Had Some Great Episodes Throughout the Series

Ethan is amazing.

Neelix has disturbing problems.

It's like when a well known beloved actor is cast in some movie as Adolf Hitler.

Jetrel: Neelix buys Magic beans and teaches a man responsible for genocide how to build a transporter and also a more effective transporter like weapon.

Tuvix. inside the Gestalt the Kitchenrat pushed and pushed and pushed until Tuvok agreed to have sex with a two year old girl alongside him, who then spitefully or logically arranged their execution.

Fair Trade. Neelix deals drugs. People die. I think the bigger note is that this space station had transporter suppression fields because three steps past the limits of Neelix's known-space and transporters are common place.

Mortal Coil. Neelix lost complete and total faith in his religion because he died and heaven wasn't waiting for him... But his faith and chipper disposition is back next week. FU reset button. Unless he was still completely dead on the inside for the rest of the series and he was just pretending he still had emotions like how that serial killer who hunts serial killers Dexter Morgan does.

Riddles: Nuvok asked Neelix if it was cool when they were Tuvix, and Neelix says that it kinda sucked, so really he shouldn't hold onto this pathetic half life so much when he would get a much healthier experience as Tuvok, and if he doesn't agree with that sentiment, then he can F himself because Janeway will hunt him down and force the procedure on him, which is entirely unpleasant so he might was well callowly bend over, shut his eyes bite a pillow and think of Vulcan.

Homestead. Some losers who ran 40 thousand light years away from a war that doesn't matter anymore are hiding in a rock maintaining an unsupportable population that's going to quickly turn to inbreeding thinks that Neelix is a god, which gets Neelix off so hard from the idolization, and the sex, I assume he got off on the sex too, but between the sex and the idolization and the political office, it's a little better than the dry spell he had on Voyager, he abandons all his friends. So yes, but Homestead is really about a Salt Vampire slowly eating Neelix feeding him a comforting fantasy so no fear sours the salt.

So yes,

Fantastically entertaining stories.
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