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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

Who the heck is Fantasia??

Okay, I looked up her up. Wide mouths have their own appeal. It's like her face is letting you know, "I will say what the fuck I want when the fuck I want to." I don't know if she does that but I would like to do that with a bunch of money behind me rather than now when it just makes me a jerk.

Celebrity ugly is never really ugly. You think DeVito is ugly? Ugly is photos of hideous pedophiles and serial killers who manage to look as repulsive as they really are. Not short round men who seem upbeat. That's not ugly, it's short and round.

Cumberbatch is ugly but he's beating them off with a cane.

I saw some ugly people today because I had to walk past the magistrates court and the steps were covered in people smoking, squeezed into Kmart's business gear, terrible greasy hair, very likely looking 20 years older than they were, homedone tatts of dead people on their arms. That was the women. I felt bad for them though because court is horrible.

Whoopi isn't ugly, she's just kind of weird and she enjoys it.

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