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I wish I had pics of my niece Harper who is about two weeks old now. She is, of course, totally off the charts on the cute-ometer.

I remember the last time I was over at their house and I was sitting in a chair holding her for awhile, then I had to say to my nephew "Kai, dude, can you go and get Mommy to come in and get the baby? I'm afraid to move." And I was. I literally could not dare to move. I know you have to be VERY careful with newborns and I didn't want to hurt her!

And of course my sister in law comes in and WHOOSH picks up the baby and carries her away in a totally flawless motion. Only the mother knows!
Actually, if I understand it correctly, newborns are rather durable. They just squeezed through an opening slightly smaller than their head, at an angle, and twisting all the way through. They ought to be pretty resilient. And looking at the way obstetricians handle them, you'll think they're made of rubber!
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