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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

Playback - Netflix Instant
Parenthood (1989) - DVD
Young Adult - Netflix Instant
Django (1966) - free admission
Django Unchained (2012) - free admission
Housesitter - DVD

First six movies of the new year!

Kicked it off with Playback after seein' an article about how it was the lowest grossin' movie of the year, makin' less than $300 durin' a week in one theater. And it capitalized on Christian Slater's supportin' role for its headline. Found it on Netflix, and yes, it was a horrible movie, but Slater's is a supportin' role, and he shouldn't be blamed for it bein' a bad movie.

Followed that up with Parenthood on DVD, from a Steve Martin movie collection I picked up for five bucks. I know I've seen the movie in bits & pieces, but never all the way through 'til now. So, go me for gettin' that done.

Watched Young Adult on Netflix just to mess with the recommendations for my roommates.

Went out to the Drafthouse Ritz tonight for a double feature. They had the 1966 western and the new Tarantino movie back to back. Two very different stories bein' told in the films, but I got a kick out of seein' that Unchained included a cameo from Franco Nero, the star of the '66 film.

Also, I can see why folks are loosin' their shit over Unchained, but to me, it felt a little too long. There was no need for that movie to be three hours, and I began to wonder if the damn thing would ever end. One of my roommates agreed with me - she and her boyfriend went to see it this afternoon. He got pissed that I would even suggest such a thing...

Watchin' Housesitter on DVD now. Its also from the Steve Martin set I bought the other day.
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