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Re: Episode of the Week: Symbiosis

You know, I never thought of that. It is true, a lot of people are prescribed addictive drugs because they have incentive to do so by the drug company. I've heard people say it's easier to quit heroin cold turkey than SSRIs. I have family members who were inundated with SSRIs for years and, while it made them feel better in the short term, only made them chemically dependent in the long term.

I have a brother who spent a year barely able to get out of his bed to take a shower in the morning, all while on SSRIs. Now he's 27, lives at home and has no resume. And oh, my uncle. He has chronic back pain. Terrible pain he lived with for years. One time he was hospitalized and they cleansed all the drugs from his system and a lot of the pain he lived with for years disappeared.

I don't think that's what the writers had in mind, but it certainly applies. He trusted the people who prescribed the drug.

I always thought Symbiosis was one of the better episodes of first season, though not one of the most exciting. I like the application of the prime directive. Picard does what is necessary and does not interfere.
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