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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

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BTW, the cue at the end The Lights of Zetar teaser is Track 27 of the GNP release. I was able to sync it to the soundtrack of the episode exactly.
Dalen, what version of Zetar are you using for this comparison?

I was reading on the FSM forum that when they made the first DVDs, in several instances they used the GNP release as the source for the cues on the soundtrack. Doomsday Machine was one of the examples Neil (Indysolo?) gave in the thread. According to that post, prior releases of Star Trek (esp the laserdiscs, I think also the VHS) used the original mono mix. But starting with the first DVDs, they re-mixed the sound, and took their sources from various places not the original masters. One of the sources was the GNP release.

That would mean, of course it matches, but it may not have been how the episode was originally released. It would be interesting if the laserdisc of Zetar has the same cue at that spot in the episode.
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