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One of my hobbies, on par with science fiction, is sports uniform design. I can't draw a logo for shit but what I can do is whip up a uniform using existing logos, and it's something I like to do a lot. I'm posting this here, of course, instead of the Fan Art forum since that forum does say it's specifically devoted to Star Trek-related art.

My most recent project, which I've started in celebration of the NHL's lockout being over, is a conversion of the entire league into a Nike league. For those of you unaware, the NHL has an exclusive contract with Reebok through which Reebok manufactures the uniforms for every team in the NHL.

While some teams have made out pretty well under the Reebok license, some have not. Observe:


Montreal Canadiens


St. Louis Blues

And thus, I have decided to Nike-fy the entire NHL. Some teams will feature significant changes, while others will be minor. With each team, I'll include their current uniforms for comparison.

First up, my team, the Chicago Blackhawks.

The changes to the Blackhawks are not particularly significant since (for those of you unaware) the Blackhawks' uniforms are widely considered to be one of the best in North American sports, period. I figured I'd get one of the easy ones out of the way first.

All thanks to The (unofficial) NHL Uniform Database for the RL images.
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