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I seem to recall that in the first season of the original series alone, there were at least two intelligences that would be continuing to keep an eye on humanity: the Metrons from "Arena" ("You are still half savage, but there is hope; we will contact you when we are ready") and ...
If the Metrons will contact us when they are ready, then they are going away for a while – could be centuries before that "readiness" is achieved. That episode's ending does not write them into the ongoing series.

Of course they weren't as funny and engaging as John de Lancie's Q.
I would have said "smarmy and annoying", but toe-may-toe/toe-mah-toe.

Once they had been admitted in the original series, the existence of such intelligences couldn't just be ignored. (Perhaps the Organians should have been part of TNG?) Writing Q as a super-Trelane with no restraints, whatever his effect on future episodes, was about the only way to go, if you consider that self-restraining types and parentally restrained types had already been done.
Could have and should have been completely ignored.

Actually, the idea I had in the early 80s for a Trek series was that the Organians were completing their evolution and moving on to "the next sphere" or whatever– and Pax Organia was breaking down. With the Organians disappearing, the power to enforce the "no fighting" edict was fading, and flare-ups were starting along the Klingon border. Would there be war, or would the Federation find a way to live with the Klingons? Were the Klingons even one political entity, or would we find (a la The Final Reflection) that there were multiple factions? I envisioned recurring Klingons, some as enemies and some as uncertain allies.

Then TNG came along and everything was ruined....
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