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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

This Is 40

Kicked off the year with the Knocked Off spin-off. It has the same usual humor we've seen from Apatow when he's not working with Will Ferrell. It's got some good jokes, but seems to drag on and becomes tedious with the "Will they stay together or not?" and the scenes where they pander to young boys with gratuitous shots of Megan Fox in barely anything and to young people in general with some bodily humor. But I did expect this going in: it's a Judd Apatow film after all.

Paul Rudd can act, but he continues to hitch his horse to Apatow and Ferrell movies. I'd really be interested to see what he could do with an actual dramatic role. Albert Brooks as the mooching father was grating, though I did enjoy trying to figure out how many Simpsons episodes he had been in in my head. I agree with critic Richard Roeper when he comments about the plethora of supporting characters in this movie. Cut half of them out and focus on your leads, perhaps make their story interesting.

C+ for some basic laughs
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