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Re: How was Liz Sladen's death handled on Sarah Jane Adventures?

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Whatever has happened in other cases, I do think a revamped SJA would have changed its title based on whoever the lead was, possibly after a final and transitional SJA special.
Maybe, maybe not. One could argue the same thing Sindatur just said about Blake -- that even without Sarah Jane, the team would still be fulfilling her mission and her legacy...
No death, tho'. At least not right away. Sarah got some really great opportunity, either with UNIT, or even just in journalism (hey, she was a reporter) and she's "away for a while". Someone steps in and the show goes on. (I know...she'd likely not take some foreign journalism job with all the stuff she knows can go on, but who knows?)

Of course, this is being nothing but fanciful, since it's doubtful at this point the show would be brought back.

Like someone said, there'd more likely be a different spin-off.
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