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Re: Episode of the Week: Symbiosis

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I also see a hidden message about this story, showing one group of people exploiting another by giving them a 'cure', but the cure is worse than the so-called disease and the risk of a few angry/smart alec comments, I see some well deserved pot shots thrown at big pharmaceutical.
Not angry or a smart alec, but in this case, Castellan, I disagree, one hundred percent.

This is a story about the drug pushers exploiting the users, manipulating them into self-destructive behavior by withholding extremely important information about the illness and the nature of the drug. Big Pharmaceutical sells drugs that have been clinically tested, approved by the FDA, and prescribed by qualified doctors whose only interest is the health of the patient. Itís not remotely similar.

The closest real-world analog would probably be alternative medicine quack remedies.

Once upon a time, tobacco was advertised as healthy, despite the tobacco companies knowing of the actual adverse effects and suppressing their own internal studies while continuing to mislead the public. That would also be a good analogy but a rather dated one.
Wow, seems like Trek nerds don't like anything alternative whatsoever when it comes to really anything, only supporting the mainstream. :b org::bor g:

Well, look at it this way....Viox, Phen Phen, Avandia, Prozak. Despite saying they re just fine and safe.....I doubt that, otherwise we'd not have so many fact, my own dad was on Avandia, he went from a straight foreward thinking man to EXACTLY like Sarek in the TNG where he was going crazy....not to mention dad did say he was getting really addicted to the stuff. I highly doubt big pharma really cares about fighting illnesses, epsecially since a sick population is one that's making big pharma's all about the money. A big profit corporation or a government agency.....none of which I myself would call honest or's all about money. I see the makers of that drug in this episode just like that.....a half-assed 'cure' that only treats symptoms and not any causes, and the makers know this and that it's all just a sham, and making the other guys pay arms and legs for it, and making the guys hopelessly addicted so they keep buying it, even allowing that particular shipment to be free, to make themselves look like they are nice guys, and to make sure sales still go on.

It's all about money and control. To those who have it, it's better than sex.
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