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Re: Early Federation 2161+

If the Federation was built on an alliance solidified by war (against the Romulans), one might see two completely opposite reactions:

- The memory of the war would be carried on. All combatants would fiercely defend the symbols of the recent victory (defeat?), that is, retain the uniforms, flags, titles and other terminology. Copious wartime production of starships would mean there would be no need to build anything new for the next half a century, so no "Federal" designs would emerge for starships, sidearms or communicators.

- Wartime momentum would be retained. The industries that had kept the war effort going would not be idled, and ships built on the cheap and already falling apart on the seams would be immediately scrapped and a thousand new ones built in their stead. Uniform and sidearm makers would be kept employed by new designs, too. It would also be important politically to show that the war was behind the Federation, so all the old symbology would be hidden or rapidly nostalgized, and national elements would be made to serve the new unity.

Timo Saloniemi
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