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Re: First time watching Enterprise!

Breaking the ice was a fun episode. The snowman and it's evolution was a hilarious bit. I agree, it would've made more sense for Hoshi to be the one to read it... she is the freaking communications officer... but well, you'll notice after awhile Enterprise really follows the "big three" system of TOS, in this case Archer, T'Pol and Trip with the rest of the cast being glorified extras.

I'm really surprised you thought Archer was being diplomatic with the Vulcan captain. I'll concede he was TRYING to be diplomatic, but... well it really did fail. Though to be fair, sure Archer was hostile but that Vulcan captain was making no effort to be diplomatic either. More Evil Vulcan Syndrome. It was nice that Archer did suck up his pride and ask for help at the end.

There was not much of a point to the whole episode from a plot perspective, but there was some nice character tidbits and this really did capture the feeling of humans being in deep space for the first time.
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