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Re: 2024 is only a decade away -- are you a gimme, or a dim?

iguana_tonante wrote: View Post
... it was her first job ...

So what you told first was a lie.
You really need to re-read post #14, it being my first job solely came from you.

I'm glad we agree on that.
That you're resorting to a strawman argument?

R. Star wrote: View Post
Yes, of course. Self-sufficiency is to be despised, if you can't find work there's always someone or something else to blame and whatever you do, don't take responsibility for your own actions and your own life. Government does that.
You've got nothing, don't you? Learn how to build a good argument, then come back to us.
How so? You might not agree with him, but R.Star does have his points down.

You go out the door, it's wealthy bossman's fault. You're out of work for months or years, it not because you neglected to prepare a fall back job, it's because no one will hire you for the only job you ever bothered to learn.

Because you're out of work, the rest of society has a collective obligation to send you money to live on every month. Heaven forbid you reduce your life style, move somewhere less expensive and take the night shift down at the burger hut.

If others don't wish to pony up (thru taxes), then they're the cheap ones. They're selfish. Of course you're not the selfish one for expecting their money. It's too bad if they want to retain what they earned through their own efforts, because you want a piece of it.

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