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Re: Do you think Star Trek needed a reboot?

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Trek XI: A Romulan miner blows up a planet after he somehow finds himself in the past after his home planet is destroyed via natural causes in the future after the person who did everything he could to save his planet fails to save the planet.
Er, yeah. He's pissed at Spock because Spock didn't save Romulus from destruction, and now he's trapped 200 years in the past because of Spock, and he wants to make Spock suffer by doing the same thing to his planet that happened to Romulus. So Nero's anger doesn't make sense to you, why?

Oh, and he also wants to blow up Earth for some reason.
Nero made it quite clear why he wants to blow up Earth. He told his reasoning to Pike when he abducted him. Were you in the movie theater bathroom during that scene?
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