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Re: DS9 Caption Contest #67: The End of an Era

Thanks for all your work, Leadhead! Place won't be the same without you! I think I can speak for others when I say hope you still cap! Thanks again for all your great screencaps and hours and hours of entertainments.

TFTW too!

Good luck in your RL adventures. As the Bajorans say, "A legend never dies!"

Sisko: Leadhead is just giving up this contest. He will still be running the other contests.

Ezri: So - he isn't being carted off by the authorities?

Sisko: No, that's still happening.

Let this be your last battlefield!
<Boo! Derivative!>
Assimilate this!
<Heard it!>
Enough dialogue! Now work on your back story!

Kira: And then he said the attackers jumped him and rubbed against his leg.
Worf: Quiet! Do you hear that? Sounds like...mewling!
Kira: Garak's cat?
Worf: I have you now, Legate Yum Yum!

Thank you for your efforts at returning my cat, Worf.
It is all in a day's work.
Still - did you have to set your phaser to fricassee?

O'Brien: What is that on the ceiling?

Dax: We think it's a combination of the Sistine Chapel mural "Creation Of Adam" with the Ghost Rider.

O'Brien: Is that the one with the flaming motorcycle and the leather jacket that says "Leadhead?"

Dax: The Prophets work in mysterious ways, Chief.

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