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Re: TNG Caption This! 299: Great Days Ahead!

PICARD: I don't remember authorizing a Stargate crossover.
TASHA: I'm not Sam Carter, sir, I'm your security chief Tasha Yar.
PICARD: Blond short hair with dark roots, tough girl feminist who gets kidnapped by stereotypes in the third episode. Come on now.
TASHA: Okay, y'got me.

Picard does a quick visual sweep of the room to make sure nobody noticed he had Angry Birds open on his desk.

GEORDI: You know I can see people's pulse and body heat on the infared spectrum. I can tell when somebody is...
WORF: I have no feelings for Doctor Pulaski. She's too old for me.
GEORDI: It's nothing to be ashamed of.

Troi suddenly realizes she left Wesley locked in the car.

PICARD: No, no, let it keep scanning us. It's only incapacitated our crew member, we have no reason to think it intends us any harm.
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