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Re: VOY Caption This 97; Sense and Sensibility

Chakotay: you ready Kathryn? We're already late.
Janeway: yeah just this last body to cremate then I'm all yours.

Kellin: psst chakotay are you going to eat that pudding?

Torres: ....and then I broke his jaw, haha
Family: *sits in silence for a moment*
Wife: err that's nice.
EMH: awkward more like.

Torres: thank god that was only a dream.
EMH: doctor to lt Torres, the wife feels it's best you never come for dinner again.

Paris: so I put my hands around her like this and she lashed out at us captain.
Janeway: that's not he full story mr Paris she was really a he and he was the king of these people.
Kim: err
Paris: well could've fooled me.
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