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Re: TNG Caption This! 299: Great Days Ahead!

TFTW, Leadhead!

Picard: And that Tom-boy haircut, who does she think she's fooling, Number One?

Yar: You realize I'm right here, Captain...

Picard: Engage cloaking device!

Yar: It doesn't work that way, sir.

Picard: Number One, you have the bridge. I have to watch that sexual harassment video because of what happened with Lt. Yar...

Levar: You know, I hate when Patrick calls us up here to prove to his friends he's not racist...

*in the background Patrick: See, I have black friends, I'm totally not racist!

Troi: Come look at the quaint 1980's technology over here!

Troi: Is's Mr. Radar!

Picard: Well, the screen wasn't fully rendering, so I decided to un-plug/re-plug Data to see if that helped. It didn't.
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