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Re: Did The Prophets Know About Sisko Before Emissary?

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Even if they Prophets don't experience linear time, that doesn't mean that linear time ceases to exist. Sarah Sisko was possessed by a Prophet to conceive Sisko. His dad flat out said, she wasn't at all interested in him after she was unpossessed. So for there to be a Sisko for the Prophets to meet in Emissary, they had to have played a part in it. You can't get around that one.
Linear time exists, but we are only able to go in one direction and at one speed.

The Prophets, who do not experience linear time like we do, are free to move in any direction and at any speed on the axis that we perceive as "time", just as we are able to freely move in the 3 dimensional axis that we perceive as height, length, and width. Presumably, the Prophets are constrained by some unknown 5th dimension in much the same way we are as time.

But then again, since that is an extremely abstract idea, none of us are really able to comprehend it.
Sorry, but I don't take some vague reference to it being beyond our comprehension as a plausible argument. Regardless of how the Prophets do or don't experience time, they cannot meet the man they created before they create him.
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