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Re: DS9 Caption Contest #67: The End of an Era

Thanks for the win LeadHead! I'm honored to be one of your last wins! I've really enjoyed these contests of yours for awhile now, they're good fun!

Sisko: This is my pimp hand. If you don't stop whining about space sickness, your head really will be spinning.

Worf: Find me a new anger management therapist!

Kira: He's faking it.
Worf: How can you tell?
Kira: Give him mouth to mouth Commander, that's an order.
Worf: (why does this always happen to me?)
Bashir: I'm better, ack! Stay away!

Garak: I'm looking forward to this trip Mr Worf. Both of us being exiles from our respective homeworlds, I'm thinking that we have SO much on common.
Worf: Kill me now.
Garak: Haven't lost the touch.

O'brien: What the hell is that stain on the ceiling?
Dax: I don't know. Who had the runabout last?
O'brien: You and Worf....
Dax: Uh... it's not what it looks like!
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