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Re: Will I like Torchwood if I never saw Doctor Who?

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How!? She cheats on Rhys and is a general bitch to everybody.
Can people please stop using that misogynistic epithet? It makes any attempts to accuse the show of misogyny seem rather hypocritical.
A) The word "bitch" is not inherently misogynistic. It's a term for both male and females to describe someone who is relentless in their assertiveness of one, and only one, perspective and refusing to compromise with those around them to the extent of actively being mean to those around them. It has everything to do with the content of the character; nothing to do with the gender.

B) DalekJim explicitly said he doesn't believe Torchwood was misogynistic and wasn't one of the ones providing that opinion, so there's nothing hypocritical about what he said.
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