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Re: Yesterday's Enterprise Episode question

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Oh, why the hell not? Aside from the ship's counselor, everyone else is on board the Enterprise D, including the teenaged bridge officer and civilian bartender. Worf showing up wouldn't be the ulitmate line that should not be crossed. Beisdes, we get this sort of thing all the time in AU stories.

I doubt anyone cared about presenting an alternate reality as implausible, and from a production viewpoint it must have been esaier to have Dorn record the line instead of finding someone else to do it. Asking why they didn't is perfectly legitimate.
I think the writers realized that Dorn had nothing to do in the episode so they gave Worf that great Prune Juice scene with Guinan that started the episode.

When Worf showed up as one of the bad guys in that MU DS9 episode, I couldn't help but roll my eyes and think of how campy and stupid the MU episodes had become.

Would it have worked? Maybe.

But I was glad they didn't do it.
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