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Re: The Caregivers' Thread

Tora Ziyal wrote: View Post
^BORU, I like your suggestion. I'll just add to it... If you offer to help, be reliable, and show up on time. When I needed full-time assistance in 2011, I had two wonderful caregivers. But the couple friends who offered to spell them occasionally ended up causing far more stress than they relieved.

Sector 7 wrote: View Post
The first thing Mom said was, "I LOVE IT!" She left me speechless...
Yeah! Imagine that... me speechless!

I hope the links helped someone. Home health has been a Godsend for me. It allows me to go to my own doctor appointments, grocery shopping, etc. Hopefully, my COPD and other health issues will not get any worse for some time to come. Otherwise I may need help for me.

BORU and Tora, long ago I used to drive to visit Mom and get her out of the house for a while. I'd take her to dinner or shopping for a couple hours.

One time, we came back (in Dog Days of Summer/August) and Grandma had turned the HEAT up full blast! After that, I moved in to help Mom take care of her. Later we discovered she'd had Alzheimer's, which explained much of her behavior, once I read up on it. Shortly thereafter she was hospitalized and spent the last 3.5 years on Earth in a very good nursing home.
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