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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

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I think there is one good example that suggests the opposite, i.e. the upper side of the pilot Enterprise's saucer hull:

The actual 11' VFX model had these unique black stripes port and starboard:

Unfortunately, the VFX footage never made it to the screen but the "Brandons" know that the (pilot) Enterprise used in the VFX for "Where No Man Has Gone Before" (re-used thoughout the series) did look like this - and blueprints of the pilot version would feature these unique surface details (as did some shots in TOS-R, amazing they noticed that!)

The "Thermians" couldn't possibly know as it had never been shown on screen. Instead they would continue to assume that the pilot Enterprise in WNM still looked like in "The Cage":
Well if the "black striped" Enterprise never aired then yes, it would be outside of the scope of this project.

Second, was there an "unaired" fx-version of the NSEA Protector? We're making an assumption that there were different versions of the ship in "Galaxy Quest". Surely if there was, Brandon's first question about the "chompers" would've been, "which version of the Protector are you on before I answer you and potentially get you killed!?"

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The interesting dilemma is that both approaches are right and wrong at the same time.
I'd argue that no version is wrong. It's whatever version that you prefer to work on with the rules that you've set forth.

@Albertese - Agreed.
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