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Re: Will I like Torchwood if I never saw Doctor Who?

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S2 & 3 definitely the best. Would love another one though in that vein
In... that vein? I thought of all the four seasons, just in terms of what the show was like and what it's status quo was, Series 2 -> Series 3 was the largest jump. Wouldn't say they're in the same vein at all.

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Gwen has been a mostly positive character throughout, at least as positive as anyone gets on Torchwood. She has her flaws, but she's the heart and conscience of the team.
How!? She cheats on Rhys and is a general bitch to everybody.
I like that Gwen completely cheated on Rhys and got away with it. No typical TV resolution; she cheated on him in Season 1 and then... from Season 2+, they're treated as the happy couple with Rhys completely unaware, even as he says typical RTD "My wife is purrfect" stuff, I find it quite funny.

No, my big issue with Gwen is how a pretty good character devolved into a complete parody in perfect hack fashion. What started as a snarky, sarcastic side turned into someone who acted like a monster. By Miracle Day, she was either acting like a psycho (shooting people / bazookas with baby in hand) or like a ravenous dog barking at everyone (any scenes she had with Q-from-TNG-but-now-CIA). And RTD expects us to cheer her on. No wonder Torchwood came to a screeching halt after MD.

The only way she's the heart of the show is because Russell T. Davies keeps telling the audience how "marvellous" she is. He spoonfed the audience the exact same thing about Rose. His writing is all tell and no show.
So true. The amount of "You're brilliant!"/"The Doctor... is the greatest man I ever met"/"Human beings; the most humanest, greatest species, capable of anything"/"And in that moment, which happened to be Episode 13, (Insert Companion) was the greatest, most brilliant woman who ever lived and most important ever"/(Sexy cry) was nauseating, as you could often just shift them around DW, TW and SJA as to the same thing being said but at what time of the year.
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