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Huh? Trek XI showed the destruction of Romulus.
It's a while since I watched the film, but don't we see it in a flashback, ie, we're seeing what the character is describing, complete with their interpretation of events?
As I recall, it's part of Spock's mind meld with Kirk, which I intrepret as Spock essentially giving memories over to Kirk. If the destruction of Romulus is in Spock's memories, Spock must have seen it.

And besides, as mentioned above, Nero went absolutely apeshit about how he saw the destruction of Romulus. If we're to believe his character arc that he was a simple hardworking miner turned psychopath due to the destruction of his home, I would hope he's 100% certain his home is gone before he turned into a psychopath and that he's not murdering people and destroying planets just because someone told him Romulus was gone and he didn't bother to verify it. Nero's already one of Trek's worse villains, this would just ruin him completely.
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