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Re: Will I like Torchwood if I never saw Doctor Who?

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In the very first episode we have Owen using his very morally questionable spray to get laid. At most he got a raised eyebrow from Jack.
What Owen did was a little too much like date rape for me. If he doesn't have time to date women in order to get laid, can't he get a prostitute or something? Not sure how the UK handles prostitutes.

That scene was only saved in the end when he decided to make it a three way with the other boyfriend.

Less sexualised? We had Gwen being being snogged by another woman while the men sat back and were entertained.
Yeah, that is one of the reasons why I think the characters feel like teenagers. I mean... what the hell? Shouldn't they be worried Gwen would become the next victim?

I have to admit that scene was hot, the Gwen actress is cute, but the girl that they got to play the possessed victim look too underage for me, which ended up making the whole episode feel kind of gross.
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