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Re: Will I like Torchwood if I never saw Doctor Who?

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I don't know where you get "misogyny" from it.
In the first season there isn't one positive or even neutral female character, not one out of Gwen, Toshiko and Suzie. Toshiko was pathetic, Gwen was a total bi*th and Suzie was evil. The only negative male character was Owen.
I think that's a very subjective assessment. I liked Gwen and Tosh. Gwen has been a mostly positive character throughout, at least as positive as anyone gets on Torchwood. She has her flaws, but she's the heart and conscience of the team. And Tosh has her insecurities, but is perhaps the nicest character.

The women were less sexualized overall, which doesn't seem consistent with a charge of misogyny.
Less sexualised? We had Gwen being being snogged by another woman while the men sat back and were entertained. We also had the infamous Cyberwoman, whose "outfit" made Seven of Nine's look positively progressive.
But as I've said, there was more graphic male nudity than female. I'm pretty sure that post-watershed BBC shows are allowed to show bare breasts -- and shows on the Starz cable network, as Torchwood: Miracle Day was, are certainly allowed to -- but we never saw any in the series's entire run. Conversely, we were shown plenty of bare male backsides, certainly more than I ever wanted to see. In Miracle Day, there's a rather graphic and extended sex scene between Jack and a male lover, more graphic than any hetero or lesbian scene in the entire series.
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